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Date sent: 2018/09/08 15:50:23
Capture the Flag: basis
The goal in capture the flag is to capture the other team's two flags before they steal yours. whoever captures the enemies two flags first wins
Capture the Flag: rules
Here are the rules you must follow in order to play CTF correctly
1. You cannot take two flags at once. You can only take one flag at a time
2. You must have the flag out in your hand and you cannot attack other players if you have the flag
3. The only weapons allowed are stone swords and bows
4. Do not cheat by wearing the other teams armor. this makes it very confusing
5. You must have pvp turned on so that you can take damage from other players
6./fly must be turned off
7. Once you die in the game, you are dead for the game due to how quickly the games go
8. (this rule is optional) A referee/overseer must be present to play the game as they will provide you the items you need if the dispensers are out. The overseer can be a staff member or someone with gmc
9. Do not keep the stuff you are given after the game is over as those items are gmc
10. /smite is not allowed
11. Do not use any potions or speed boosts
12. Dont be rude
13. Have fun
Those are the official rules for Capture the flag. If you think I missed one please reply to the post so I can add it in. Thanks!

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