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Mail me ingame with /mail send luigiofthebakery [message] to notify that you have donated, otherwise I will not know your username to promote you.

Donations can take up to 24 hours to be processed.

Why Donate?
Donating to the server helps contribute to upkeep costs and keep the server running. Donators receive access to special prefix and coloured nicknames as long as they retain the username they donated under and obey the rules.
Webbcraft - Donations
Below is a list of ranks you can donate for. To upgrade from one rank to another, scroll down.

Payment method:
Amount Rank

Upgade from one rank to another

Note: Amounts for ranks shown above apply in total, for example if you have already got VIP you can donate the remainder more to become VIP+


**If you have not donated previously, all donations under $10 but more than $5 will receive the rank Member and anything less than $2 will get you citizen+**

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