Mushroom Co. World Record

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2019/01/19 03:03:36
After many months of dedication, work and effort, us as a community have finally reached 1,000 mails in one player's inbox.

Here's the screenshot: Image

I'd like to thank many people for this journey. RedTato for starting it and being committed, pr1tce for telling me sellshop is out of stock, CCShad for like 2 messages and Brain for the last 400 in half an hour.

beat that foo'
Image Perso
Date sent: 2019/01/19 03:04:45
what about me fucker
Image Perso
Date sent: 2019/01/19 03:33:37
i bet you luigi has more he never deletes his
Image Perso
Date sent: 2019/01/19 04:06:48
I would like to challenge luigi to a duel. who prevails
Image Perso
Date sent: 2020/03/05 23:52:02

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