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Date sent: 2020/02/22 17:30:40
IGN: tyran68

Discord: ezio#0089

Age: 23

Have you ever been banned on this server?

Unforunately yes, I've been banned a few times due to myself being stupid. One of the reasons was for deciding to test hacks (An xray texture pack) on Mushroom Co.

Why do you think you would be a good moderator?

I have held multiple positions on this server in the past such as Co-Owner, Head admin etc. This means I not only have staff experience but I have experience on this exact server. I am now older than when I have previously been staff and I would like to hope this makes me more mature and able to perform the role better.

I try and play a few hours a day whilst watching youtube, I tend me to be active in chat when needed and am always willing to help if possible.

GMT- I am from the UK

Joined Date:
I techinally have two dates. I is back in 2012 when I first started Webbcraft and the second is when I joined Mushroom Co, this second date according to the forums is September 26th, 2013
Image Perso
Date sent: 2020/03/03 15:40:30
The founder of our server deserves to be able to staff over it.

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Date sent: 2020/03/04 01:46:59
+1 Dude is an old player and has experience.
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Date sent: 2020/03/18 21:30:47
Oldies tend to be authoritarians that most end up disliking, but assume the dislike is just because everyone's a hater with an irrelevant opinion.
I won't assume your style, but I don't wanna upvote until I know what you're like

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