Ban Appeal: The Misunderstanding (Please Read)

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2019/10/06 17:23:09
I Showed someone my base and they saw that I used Prismarine a lot and knew I didn't have a Guardian Farm. He showed me one of his passed bases which a guardian farm was in the center. He allowed me to use it for whatever I needed and gave me access with the /cmodify Command. I used it without interfering with the redstone, collection systems but all I did was take the Items from the chest as I was allowed to. A few months go by and 1.14 comes to the server. I noticed there were Barrels there instead and I thought that was a a nice touch because they use less wood instead of chests. So I went on a rerecord gathering session to all my farms (And the guardian farm I was allowed access to) and took the necessary Items needed for a project. Then the next morning, I go to log on, and I was banned. I immediately went to the Staff member that banned me Byn. I know she was just doing her job and had no idea about my access so I don't blame her for anything. She was just doing her job which I completely understand the responsibility of helping run a server. I am not sure if this person forgot about my access and if this means I cannot use the farm I am fine with that. I was banned because of a misunderstanding and I hope to get back on as soon as I can.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2019/10/06 18:36:59

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