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Cost to set warps
Last map the server had thousands of warps, which took up 500 or so pages and made it difficult for players to find ones they needed. A lot of these warps were unused (since donators can set warps but not delete them) and just created clutter. Due to this, a cost of 100 ingame money has been imposed upon the /setwarp command. This shouldn't be that much since you receive 50 for each vote to the server, so voting twice will allow you to set a warp (as long as you have the permission as a donator). If you think this is the right amount, too much, or too little, don't bother writing a comment to this article. It's not just because of how inactive this website is, but it's because this news article is not actually real. It's not news. This article was posted retroactively for the completeness of the historical record. Chances are however that you're not reading this anyway so you won't notice.
~ luigiofthebakery on 2017-10-04 08:10:09

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