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Further Build Transfers
We're doing a second round of build transfers! If you were unable to request a build transfer before the reset, now's your chance to retrieve some old builds.

Please message CCShad on discord the following info in a direct message:
The creator(s) of the build

The location of the build on the last map (Coordinates, a warp name, or a home name so I can find it!)

The location you want it to be moved to on the current map

A brief description of the build

The rules are the same as they were before:
All containers will be emptied so that items are not transferred.
Farms cannot be transferred (I can crop them out of the selection if you want the build around them though!)
Highly valuable structures will be cropped as well (such as beacons or anything made of solid diamond 😂)

Also, builds copied before the reset are available to be pasted on the new map. If you made any early requests please either show me where you want it in-game or msg me the coords on discord
~ CCShad on 2021-09-26 00:00:00

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