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29th of February

Hello again, I hope you're all enjoying this extra day we get this year. As many of you already know, the Minecraft 1.9 update is due to be released today, although I won't be surprised if they decide to postpone it again. There have been rumors circulating that the map is going to be reset when the update comes out, which of course is false. I have however put up a website poll to see what the verdict is for a possible map reset in the future.

Another reason I made this news article is to remove the previous one which was still wishing everyone a merry christmas from two months ago which looked very outdated. I know it's ironic because by having the title of this news article as a date it too will become out of date soon, however the following month will bring forth the 2nd anniversary of the forums on this website which gives me another thing to write about, and following that will be the server's 4th anniversary.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

~ luigiofthebakery on 2016-02-29 11:51:17

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2016/02/29 17:11:32
You still have to reset the End when you update, or else we can't experience the new and improved End.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2016/02/29 17:58:07
What he said. Do we have an exact date for the reset?

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