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New Map

As many of you already know, a new map (the 5th main map the server has had so far) was generated 4 days ago on the 26th of June 2015. It's been good to see a lot of players have welcomed the fresh start and are having fun playing legitimate survival in the new world. If you still want to hang on to the past and your old items, the old map is still there for use, however it will be eventually phased out as it is replaced by the new map.

Yesterday the economy was moved over to the new map and today I also transferred the server shop. The shop is currently closed for renovations as the prices are adjusted to factor in deflation from the new map. Although the main server shop is closed, if you want to buy/sell feel free to open up your own shop in the spawn town, trade with existing players or use other player shops in the spawn town. Here is a brief ChestShop guide for those who haven't used or seen chest shops around before:

To create a chest shop, place a chest down. This is the chest which will store the items to buy/sell. Next place a sign above the chest (or on the side of the chest if you prefer to do it that way, I personally prefer signs above the chest) and write on the following lines:
1st line: leave this blank (it will become your username).
2nd line: the amount of items to buy/sell.
3rd line: the price of the item. Use B for buy and S for sell. For example, to say the price is 20 to buy, write B 20. Notice how there is a space betwen B and 20, and no currency symbol. This is the price players will pay you to buy the item from that shop. A sell price, for example S 20 is the price you will pay players for them to sell their items to the shop. You can create a shop that both buys and sells by separating the buy and sell prices with a colon ':', for example B 20:S 30.
4th line: the name of the item. Here you can type an item name and it will try to recognise the item, or use an item ID to get the exact correct item. For example if you type "Bread" it will work, but if you type "Diamond Horse Armour" it won't work and is too long, so you need to look up the item ID for that and use it.

Remember, there is still plenty of free land and plots in the spawn town, so don't please don't hesitate to build there, it will help you get a lot of customers to your shop!


On another note, I will also be transfering some good builds such as the cathedral and Luigi's mansion over to the new map. Player buildings are also able to be transfered, but only if they meet the requirements and don't contain items (espcially OP tools or diamonds) from the old world in chests or have OP blocks such as diamond, gold or emerald. Only buildings that took considerable time and effort will be transferred. They must include no functional mechanisms or resource-gathering potential, so spawners, farms, traps, etc. are discluded.

If you would like to request something from the old world to be transferred to the new world, please submit a comment to this news article or send me a mail in-game with the coordinates of the building in the old world and then the coordinates of where you would like it to be placed in the new world. Conditions should be similar and suitable.

~ luigiofthebakery on 2015-07-01 19:16:29

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/03 08:24:57
There is a old-fashion abstract house on an island I would like to preserve. It, itself, is located at the cords XYZ -99419 67 5928. I really just want the main island to be transferred, which has the large house on it. (Note: it has a basement that goes about 10-15 blocks below the floor near the kitchen.) I would like it to be placed in the new world at the cords XYZ 192 70 -40. I'll try to clear an area for it in the next few days. Thank you for you time and consideration.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/04 08:47:25
I made a tower a while back as my main base, that I would like to save. The coordinates are XYZ 2937 79 3348. In the new world I would like it to be placed at coordinates XYZ 613 106 -984. I will clear, and mark a spot for where I would like it. I just would like the main tower. Don't worry about the stuff underneath it. Thanks for helping me out.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/04 15:46:51
I made a MASSIVE sandstone apartment tower in old world! check it out! /warp Demoshia
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/06 01:08:43
Me and some other people made a pvp arena on the old world. It's finished now and I'd like to get it transferred to the new map. It is at /warp dojo and its coördinates on the old map are x 3362 / y 75 / z -23174. I would like it transferred to the coördinates x -1019 / y 65 / z 678, which is a similar biome and quite flat. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/06 01:19:24
Note: There's a safezone/warzone border which I have marked at the spawnpoint, if that border could be placed at a chunk border. Thanks for your time.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/09 15:50:50
would you be able to move the hotel thingy at /warp classified2 to the new classified fac home that i will find the cords for later today??? you can not bring over the chests if u dont want to, thats okay, i just want the building
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/07/19 22:35:15
I have built a mansion that is at one of my /homes. If staff can access it it is my /home mansion. Anyway, I would like for it to be placed along the stone brick path at /warp newwolfwind. I will give details in-game, luigi.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/12/03 15:08:23
Image Perso
Date sent: 2015/12/25 04:54:26
I miss Adesia soooo bad but i'm sure from what i read above it will not fit the criteria:( By any chance is the world with Adesia able to be download personally?

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