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Hey everybody, this is an announcement I really wish I didn't have to make, but I think it's important that we all hear it together as a community respectfully, rather than let the news slowly spread as a rumor.

Anglina4450, known as Celesa on Discord, has passed away.

Ang was a pillar of our community, joining us for the first time over 11 years ago. Any one of us who spent a substantial amount of time here within the past DECADE knows her, and how amazing and kind she was. Over the years, we've shared countless laughs, smiles, and memories with her, and we're absolutely heartbroken to hear this news. For me, she was one of the first people I met when I first joined, and even back then, she was already a beloved, deep-seated member of Mush Co. I grew up beside her here, and I know a lot of you all did too.
I ask that you all remember Ang today, and hold your memories with her close forever. Be respectful, and give those who were close with her time, and support.
~ CCShad on 2024-02-06 10:45:00

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Image Perso
Date sent: 2024/03/18 01:06:08
Life's unfair... We gotta cherish each moment. We were honored to know you.
Image Perso
Date sent: 2024/05/31 21:13:33
Oh my goodness! That is not at all what I expected when I clicked on this news archive. I know late to read this but what a shock. Very sad indeed.

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