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Map Reset
It's finally here! The map will reset on December 1st! Get ready for a fresh survival experience...

Build transfer details:

Like previous resets, you'll be able to request builds you've created on this map to be moved over to the next map via World Edit. There's only a few restrictions:

1) Items won't be transferred along with your builds - if you have any containers with items, they'll be wiped before being pasted into the new world. For info on item transfers, see the Item transfer details below.

2) Farms won't be transferred since their main purpose is to generate survival items. If you have farms included in a larger build/base you'd like transferred, they will be omitted from the transfer - so don't worry about destroying them yourself.

3) Structures of excess value won't be transferred (for example, a beacon). This is to prevent players from disassembling transferred builds for the purpose of getting a head-start in the new world. If you have a base entirely made of valuables (iron blocks for walls, floors, etc.), make a note of it when you request the transfer, and we can discuss replacing those blocks with a substitute. Otherwise, it will be omitted from the transfer.

4) You can only transfer structures that you've built or helped build. If you'd like to preserve a build that an inactive player made, let me know and I'll see what I can do - it can likely be pasted into the new map as a SafeZoned area.

To request a build transfer, DM me the following information:

* The coordinates of the build (A home or warp name is also fine)
* A brief description of the build
* Any notes you have about it (such as parts of it that may not be visible, like basements).
* (Optional) The exact coordinates for both corners of the build, if you'd like to choose the EXACT area that gets copied.

Your build will be saved asap! Then, in the new world, you'll be able to request it in a location of your choosing. (Note: Builds that can function as a base may be postponed until the survival period has ended. Details on the survival period below.)

Item transfer details

Only select items will be approved for transfer, including things such as books, commemorative items (that I've distributed for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays), and items with sentimental value (Named items gifted to you, or your long lost survival buddy's sword, etc.). A stack of diamonds is not considered a sentimental item. While a dragon egg could be considered sentimental, it won't be approved since we only allow 1 to exist per map. Pres' companion cube is also not considered sentimental, and must be deposited into lava before he can join the new map.

Visit /warp Transfer on the server before the map resets to submit items for transfer. The signs at the warp will guide you through the process, if you have any questions, ask me or Lero. If you're not sure if an item meets the criteria, go ahead and include it - it will be approved or returned the next time a staff member checks it.

Survival period:

For any newcomers, if this is your first map reset, you may be unfamiliar with the survival period:
The survival period takes place during the first month or two of the reset, during which donators won't have access to creative mode, /fly, /i, /enchant, and various other commands that could be used to obtain items faster than others. This is to ensure that everybody gets an equal start, we DO consider ourselves a survival server above all else.

That's all for now, let me know if you have any questions! See you all in the new world!

~ CCShad on 2022-11-15 13:08:00

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