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The Mushroom Co. Survival server is a small friendly community that caters for any minecraft playing style. We have many custom built plugins, including ChestShops and much more...

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News: Build Transfers (9th to 10th map) 48 comments

by CCShad on 2020-01-04 10:10:58

The time for build transfers has come once again!

With the end of the 9th Mushroom Co. map, it's time to move onto a new world and start fresh. However, as usual, we're having a period to request builds from our previous map to be moved on to the new world. There are a few rules on what can and cannot be transferred, so please read these carefully before writing a transfer request:

1) Items will not be transferred! Please keep this in mind if your build heavily revolves around items (Displays, museums, armor stand art, etc). Buildings will have their chests, furnaces, hoppers, item frames and all other containers WIPED before transfer, please do not be surprised when this happens! (Very specific builds can bypass this, such as Gilgamesh8's server library, which stores historical books and quills written by many players across the past maps)

In addition to items, highly valuable blocks will be removed if they come in large quantity (Beacons, diamond blocks, iron blocks, etc)

You don't need to remove items from your build beforehand, an OP can do it automatically during the transfer. This rule is more of just a FYI notice.

2) Farms cannot be transferred! Crops, mobs, others. No builds that generate items can be moved to the new map. This is simply to avoid giving players an unfair advantage!

3) Know your limits! Preferably, only request builds that are over 3,000 blocks large, or other types of builds that took multiple hours (Such as redstone machines/games). Basically; if you could build it on the new map in an hour, you'd be better off building it again than waiting on a transfer lol

I would appreciate it if you guys request no more than 3 builds each, but I'll make lenient exceptions if it seems like a lot of time was put into said builds.

4) Build transfers shouldn't be moved further than 10k blocks past spawn in any direction! This is to avoid the build being deleted in the future when inactive land past 10k is purged.

How to transfer builds

With the transfer rules in mind, you can now request builds to be moved! First up, you need two important things:

The location of your build in the old world, and the location you want it to be in the new world. If you don't know the coords to your build in the old world, You can play on the old map by connecting to this IP:
(All warps and homes are available!)

Once you have the info you need, you're ready to make a request!

Transfer Request Format

Build transfers can be requested through this post right here via replying, or discord by DMing me, or even in-game through /mail, just make sure you give us all the info we need.

Wherever you request it, copy and paste this format and fill in the info:

Your in-game username:

Build description: (Tell us what kind of build it is)

Old world location: (Put XYZ coords here)

New world location: (Put desired XYZ coords here)

Builders: (The player(s) who built it)

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