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The Mushroom Co. Survival server is a small friendly community that caters for any minecraft playing style. We have many custom built plugins, including ChestShops and much more...

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News: New Shop System 3 comments

by luigiofthebakery on 2016-08-23 15:29:18

On the old map, there were many problems with the shop being exploited, so I have decided to introduce a new system based on player shops. Over the last few days I have created a plugin that allows players to create offers to sell items on signs at /warp shop without having to place any blocks or deal with land claiming issues. 

By typing the command /shop <price> <amount> and then right clicking on a blank sign with the items you wish to sell in hand, you will create an offer to sell items. <amount> of items will be sold at <price> for each sale. Please make sure you put it in the correct category depending on the item you want to sell as this will make it easier for buyers to find your shop. Once the items in the offer runs out of items, it will be removed. You can add more of the same items to an existing shop by right-clicking the sign with them in hand. You will receive money whenever players buy from your shop. There is no limit to how many signs you can set up, just make sure they are different. If you wish to remove an offer, type /delshop and right click the sign. This will return any remaining items to you.

If you have any questions or feedback, post a comment.

I am trialing this system for half the shop to see how well it works. If it works really well, the other half will be opened up too. Another idea I had was to lease the shop or part of it to a single player or faction which would be able to claim it and set up chestshops there. It would be rent-free with the main condition being for it to be actively maintained and stocked. Let me know if you would be interested in this. Since the shop building is very historic (it is almost 4 years old and was the first shop run by the server and not players) it would remain the same externally but the interior could change a bit, including the arrangement of the signs and boards. 

Leading on from that, let me know what you think about how the sign boards are arranged and whether you have any suggestions for better arrangements to suit this new system, or if the current original arrangement is good.


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